Monday, 20 May 2013

Owl Totems

Everyone has been owl crazy for the last little while (and I've painted quite a few...) and I've decided that my favourite way to paint owl families is as totems. I'm also doing them as custom work so people can order their family and colour scheme.

Love is everywhere

I think a lot about how people show love to one another and I've been adding it to my work lately too, using bunnies, birds and owls though....

Thursday, 19 April 2012 highlights Audrey's Zoo!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the wonderful people at for the great article on Audrey's Zoo they posted. As soon as it came up on the screen Audrey shouted "That's my Sea Otter!". Now even more kids will get to enjoy the critters we love.... Thank you Sweetspot!

Animal Artwork for Our Little Monkeys

audrey’s zoo art by vancouver artistVancouver (Apr.13.12)

We sometimes feel like we’re in a zoo with all our little monkeys running around.

Of course, our little monkeys love animals, making the bright, colourful works of artfrom Laughing Wren by Vancouver artist, Tricia Aviss perfect additions to their walls. Tricia’s created 4” by 4” prints of animals in a collection called Audrey’s Zoo, one for each letter of the alphabet ($6).

Of course, at SweetMama, we’re loving the S is for Sea Otter and M is for Mountain Goat pieces. And the best part? The prints fit perfectly in Ikea’s Ribba frames, making it super easy to actually get around to hanging them up.

Well, you know, right after we hang up the pictures of our kids.

Audrey’s Zoo

Friday, 23 March 2012


I am heading to the Beehive at 3904 Fraser Street on Sunday March 25th with some adorable goodies (hand screened bags and cards with wrens and owls, cute magnets, rainclouds over Vancouver and even some screened and stuffed whales!) for a one night only event. Come check it out, we'll be there from 5-10pm....

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Etsy shop is now open!

My Etsy shop is up and running.
You can see all of Audrey's Zoo, as well as my hand screened
felt placemats, with more unique items coming soon.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Adorable Valentines, Anyone?

Valentine's day is almost here, so I wanted to do some adorable Valentines of my own.
These little guys, and more, are available at:
32 Books and Gallery
3185 Edgemont Boulevard
North Vancouver BC
(604) 980-9032
Ainsworth Custom Design
1243 Cartwright St. Granville Island
Vancouver B.C.
(604) 682-8838

If you have something special in mind for your Valentine,
there is still time to get your custom order in.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Audrey's Zoo is on its way to the printers...

Meet the animals of Audrey's Zoo- Armadillo, Beluga, Camel, Dog, Dolphin, Duck, Elephant, Fish, Gorilla, Horse (my Appaloosa Jed), Iguana, Jellyfish, Kangaroo, Lion, Mountain Goat, Numbat, Owl, Panda, Quail, Rhinoceros, Sea Otter, Tiger, Urchin, Viper, Walrus, Xenops, Yak and Zebra.This was a really fun project for me and the first art collaboration that I did with Audrey. She loved showing me all the animals she wanted painted and I helped her find ones with the tough letters like X and V.....All the paintings are originally 4"x 4" and the prints are sized a bit bigger to fit the square Ikea frames exactly to make it easy to frame yourself.The prints will be available soon and I will post all the locations that will carry them and I will be selling them as well, just email me the animals you're interested in. I Hope you like them!